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About neemrana


(The Next Business Hub of North India)

Neemrana is now targeted by top investors and IT giants as their next business centre leading to its fast paced growth.The entry of BPO industry,Japanese Multinationals and Japanese Zones(SEZs) play a vitalrole in taking the property prices to unimaginable heights.The connectivity and infrastructure of the city is very good,just 1.45 Hrs drive from Delhi,well connected with railways.

Companies like Mitsubishi,NYK Logistics,Nissin Brakes and many more Japanese multinationals in the zone will help to the property prices will double very soon.

This makes Neemrana Heights,the best investment option as well as the place to live for the professionals working in Neemrana.With shopping Mall on the ground and first floor,makes Neemrana Heights,the hottest property in town